Saturday, March 3, 2012

Important Projects and Some Fun

I never thought the weekend would get here! This week was crazy. I knew it would be difficult when the P was gone and the Super decided to step in to "help out" however he could.

One of the projects was our k-12 Language Arts Curriculum presentation to professional council. In spite of the P's absence, we presented a flawless presentation. This was my third professional council, one as a voting member, another as the fifth grade math representative, and this time as a lang. arts rep. The professional council voted to accept the proposal as presented. Now we wait for the budget to see what parts we will get for next year, and what will have to wait.

After the presentation, I went back to my room (after 8:00 pm) to finish an application for a proposal. It had to be submitted by midnight. I had had very little time to work on this. In the P's absence, the super helped tweak my wording while I did my real job, teach. I am not into being the center of attention, but do love awards and prizes.

Friday brought two Skype sessions. I met Annette through a Read Across America opportunity organized by Cara at Teaching, My Calling. (Cara is always giving great ideas for integrating technology and blogging tips. What a gem!)

When Annette called, she gave a quick tour of her building, including the media center all decked out in truffula trees and Lorax projects. She had two classes read I Am Not Going To Get Up Today while one of my classes read The Cat in the Hat and the other read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. I had some tech glitches, but were able to overcome them. Annette is a very tech savvy teacher. I hope I can meet up with her again.

My homeroom kids meet up with two groups, through Skype, this week including Cara's class. There is nothing like expanding the confines of your classroom! I appreciate Cara and Annette's help in getting these Skype  sessions organized. What fun!

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