Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Of the many committees in our school, my favorite is our technology advisory committee. (That's what I call it since it has no official name). Our technology advisory committee is a group of elementary teachers and our tech director that meet to decide new apps to put on our iPads. Our goal was to meet once per marking period, but we haven't met in a couple of months. The only apps we have added to the sets of iPads (purchased with a grant) have been free apps. We are looking for some ideas for some free good apps. We have added some, but only a few are used regularly. Below are the ones the students use on my iPad (from Scholastic with 20,000 bonus points).

My favorites are:
Accelerated Reading
Pages (like word)
Five Dice - Order of Operations game
Spelling City - app for
Scan - QR Code reader
Rover - Educational Browser that lets you play Flash games (Fun Brain,
Educreations and Show Me
Rocket Math / Mathmateer
Oregon Settler (Oregon Trail)
Font Maker

What are your favorite apps? 

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  1. Hi Marcia,
    My classroom recently received seven Ipods. We also only install free apps. I currently do not have wireless in my classroom so my apps need to function without it. I love a free app that I found called "opposites". It starts out very easy and then becomes very challenging. I must admit, I am addicted to it myself.
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