Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kidblog? Tried It!

I love to integrate technology into my curriculum and instruction. I participate in online projects regularly. Last year I had my own classroom blog through Blogger. I didn't like that the kids had to be "guest bloggers". I tried other blogging programs, but didn't like them. This year I tried Kidblog.org. I wrote about it here.

What I like about Kidblog is that I can monitor what is written. Only registered students can leave comments. The teacher has to approve all posts and comments. Kidblog has given students an authentic reason to write. Often we write posts and copy them to word to post on our display boards in the classroom.

The students like different aspects of Kidblog. They liked choosing their backgrounds and creating avatars/icons on their own. They have so many technology skills that they love to showcase, and this allowed them to show off.

It has truly been a good experience for students. They hate to see the year end, and want me to leave their blogs in place so they can keep using them in middle school. 

A drawback, if there is one, is that the space for each classroom appears to be limited. We use a lot of space because of the photographs on our posts. The kids know I blog and take pictures for my Learning in Bliss blog, so they insist on using pictures in their posts. They are waiting for me to upload our service learning pictures. 

Would I use Kidblog again? Probably. I may give Edmodo a try with kids before we end this year. I like some of the features, but haven't tried it with students yet.

Do you use Kidblog or Edmodo? Is there a better choice that I don't know about? Love to hear from you!


  1. It's funny, when I started reading your post, I already had in my head that I would ask you if you had tried Edmodo and I see that you beat me to it! LOL...I have been thinking of trying it out with my kids before the end of the year as well and possibly using it next year for my students to blog. Would love to hear of your experiences with it when you give it a shot. Maybe we can help each other out. I have now narrowed my options down to the same as yours, so we'll see how it goes. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. This looks awesome! Makes me wish I wasn't moving from 5th to a 2/3 next year. I've got enough of a learning curve ahead of me without tackling something like this right away, but I'm tucking it away for the future!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  3. This looks like a cool idea. I've thought about doing it, but haven't really "played" around with it to introduce it to my students. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog through the linky and I'm a new follower.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  4. My teaching partner uses Edmodo and really likes it. I will probably give that a try next year. This year, I did use Kidblog, but it fell to the wayside because I have a few kiddos who need to be closely monitored when on the internet and that took all the fun out of it. I think incorporating tech in the classroom is so awesome though. Good for you!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  5. I have heard about Kidblog but I haven't heard about using Edmodo! I will have to look into both for next year because I want to try something! Thanks for giving your feedback on Kidblog! That's very helpful!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. I'm follower 200! Yay! If you do a giveaway, we'd love to help out!

  6. Thank you for the information on Kidblog. I have been toying with the idea of using it in my 4th grade classroom next year. Your review of it is very helpful.

    Foreman Teaches

  7. I use Kidblog too but haven't tried Edmodo. I like your idea of taking the posts and copying them to word and printing for display boards. The largest gripe I have with letting the kids use a blog is their grammar and mechanics at times went out the window. I just discussed with the class yesterday that not all technology is used to write in a "chat" form. I want their posts as well as comments to use proper mechanics. Thanks so much for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  8. oh going to try this! I have used Edmodo....I loved it, but I think it works a little better with older grade levels. I used it as part of homework/discussions when I taught 8th (many kids had smart phones and were able to get on and comment, etc...). I didn't have as much luck with my 6th graders....but it's a cool site, the page view is a lot like Facebook (once a student said, "Mrs. Morgan's on Facebook right now!" (it was Edmodo uploading a literary analysis question, haha!)

  9. I've used Edmodo for about 2 years now and am looking to add Kidblog. I don't think it has to be one or another because they offer very different services; Edmodo is like Facebook and Kidblog is like Blogger.

    One of the writing assignments I did on Edmodo last year had the students write their paper in Microsoft Word, upload it to Edmodo, and then send it to me. I could then read it, revise it with the Edmodo document revising tool (which was nice, I could highlight, leave red text wherever I wanted, etc) and then I sent it back to them. They then did their revisions, and turned their final version into me on Edmodo.

    Going paperless was much easier and I type faster than I write so my feedback was a little bit more substantial on each of their papers.

    It's time consuming to have them type it in Word, but I guess it saves time over the traditional method since they don't have to REWRITE their final version, just make the modifications.


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