Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Enough to Make Me Smile

I received an offer from SmileMakers to review one of their products. They have many classroom products in their catalog. Being an affiliate of Staples, many school/office supplies were included in their offer. Until I was contacted by their representative, I thought they only made stickers, pencils, and items for treasure boxes. I didn't know of their wide catalog selections.

After perusing the catalog online, and considering many choices, I decided on a product that integrates my interests of reading, writing, and blogging in a kid-friendly way. The product, Book Blog Pocket Chart, was appealing with its eye-catching computer-like display. At almost 3 feet by 3 feet, it could be a bulletin board by itself.

On a sturdy printed material, it has space for three book reviews and six comments (Avatar space included). There is also room for a favorites lists. It comes with blackline masters for the students to write reviews, comments. There are also twenty double-side cards with open-ended questions on character, setting, summary, etc. This one display could motivate students to write to prompts that support many aspects of the common core, with any book they read. At $24.99 it is in line with other pocket charts of similar size. 

I recommend you take a look at their catalog to see the variety of products they offer. They aren't just for stickers and prizes. They have a satisfaction guarantee and offer free shipping on purchases over $49. Total purchases less than that ship for $4.99. Not bad! 

I am not sure where I will hang this pocket chart. I am thinking I may post it in the hall to entice students to read and write reviews. I cannot get into my room until Monday, and will have to work "office hours" until August 13th, when I can get my key and key fob. Our building renovations are not finished, including our office, but we have until August 27th before we have to be back. Until then, I have a lot of tasks to accomplish. 

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  1. Aug. 27th! Wow! That's the latest I've heard going back so far! That's only a week after me! Have fun with this new product. Very neat.


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