Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spending a Pot of Gold for the Rainbow

I love a good deal. I love to find items that are inexpensive while fitting my theme. When I was trying to convince myself that my neon rainbow colors with black were not going to be too crazy, I happened upon some items at Walmart. I decided to proceed with the color theme.

On a trip to Walmart (to find the crates for my stools for last week's Monday Made It), I found the perfect border and alphabet strip. I am not sure if I am going to use the alphabet strip, but it matches, and I may not be able to get it later!

I also purchased sets of Crayola crayons by color, a 27 file organizer (doesn't match :( but it was what I needed, and was a fraction of the cost at the school supply company in town). I also found neon Sharpie markers, composition book zip it covers, and Dry Erase learning boards. They are 10.5 X 7.75 pieces of a commercial laminated board, like cardstock. They are ruled on one side and blank on the other. They should be perfect to keep inside of our math journals when we are working at the carpet in Daily 4 Math. They aren't rainbow, but will be useful.

Then, I went to Michaels to purchase some supplies for my Monday Made It projects. I got off track and found another black and rainbow border and a lime green border that I need to go with the Walmart border. I also got some circle cutouts and calendar pieces. I have  made some, but they will be a nice change for the calendar. The plain circles in my rainbow colors will  locker labels. Michaels had a sale going and a deal where buy one get one, lots of clearance items, and of course my teacher discount!

Come back tomorrow to see my Monday Made It projects.

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  1. I bought that organizer from Walmart, too! Just posted pictures of how it looks in my room :) Love it!


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