Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently February

I had another snow day yesterday. All my pre-Super Bowl activities with my kids were cancelled. I have spent a lot of time planning just to have to cancel the plans. I think I need to concentrate on generic plans, stripped of any time sensitive materials as the weather next week is predicting more snow. While I plan for the future, I am also focusing on the current events in my life, compliments of Farley.

I should be starting laundry and cleaning, but am blog stalking and watching House Crashers.

After missing ten days of school, we still have several weeks of winter weather left. We could be looking at longer days and added days in June! I am tired of snow and cold. I hope the Ground Hog says Spring is on its way.

I have to get started on laundry and cleaning. Before I go, I will reveal my truths and fib.

I really did sit through a tornado warning at Wrigley. It was our 25th anniversary trip (my choice) to Chicago.  My dogs are Wrigley and Pennington.  Penny's namesake was traded from Jets to Dolphins not long after I named her. She will be my last dog named for a player I like! The next pet will get a name of a player I want traded! My fib is that I would be a lawyer if I didn't teach. Although some may think I love to argue, I really hate confrontation!  I can stand in front of kids all day, but struggle in front of groups of adults.

What is currently happening in your life?

I almost forgot, I am having a sale at Teachers Notebook, and my TpT stores. TN is also offering an additional 10%. Happy shopping!


  1. I've been thinking about all the schools with so many snow days. We only have one we have to make up in June. I hope the weather cooperates for you.

  2. I am the same way - put me in front of a group of kids and I am fine! Put me in front of a group of my peers and I get all tongue tied.

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  3. Wow! It's hard for me to imagine so many snow days! We have had two snow days, which is a huge for my area since we never get snow!

  4. Thankful I don't have any snow days where we live! While I'd like a "break" in the middle of winter, I also like knowing I get out at the beginning of June!


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