Thursday, February 13, 2014

In a Mood

This has been a difficult week. We have not had a normal week for a time. This week was not normal. We started with our Camp Meeting and slideshow for students. Then Monday night we had the parents meeting. This would be my first late night of the week.

Tuesday I had to prepare for a substitute on Wednesday, followed by a negotiation meeting. I got home very late, and went right to sleep, as I was leaving the school at 6:15 AM. I am not a morning person. The temperature outside dropped from -10 degrees to -22 degrees as a drove the 17 miles to school. The van that my group was taking to Lansing never warmed up. The trip was frigid with pockets of freezing fog. The only good part was the amazing landscape of frosted trees.

The conference was informative (school improvement) and allowed us time to plan for some upcoming reports. I had another late night, and am still here tonight typing this at 6:30. I have been interrupted by my girls coming to show me their beautiful dresses, as it is a Daddy Daughter Dance tonight.

My kids have been wound up. Camp meeting, substitute, full moon, Daddy Daughter Dance, and Valentine's Day tomorrow. I still have my Friendship Lunch to pack, a box to decorate for my secret pal, ice cream and eclairs to purchase. The ice cream is for our party, and the eclairs go along with a story in our anthology.

Hope your Friday is sane!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a crazy week! Hope you are able to relax some this weekend.

    I just liked your Facebook page and followed your TpT store. My email is


    Techie Turtle Teacher

  2. Hope your weekend is better! I liked your facebook page and your tpt store. My email is

  3. I just liked your fb page and followed your tpt store. My e-mail is


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