Sunday, April 13, 2014


This year has been a strange one. First we get over seven feet of snow and have a ridiculous number of snow days. Now it is in the seventies with a warm breeze. Rain is coming later, with snow predicted for tomorrow night. This is Michigan!  At least I had a few pleasant days of weather for the end of my spring break. Unfortunately much of the break was spent recovering from a cold, that has taken a turn for the worse. I am really feeling under the weather.

I was somewhat productive. I got most of my closet  and bedroom cleaned out, and my classroom library inventoried. I have a list of missing books. I hope to track down the culprits tomorrow. If I cannot get them to follow my checkout rules, the library may have to close for checkouts, and only allow for in class reading. This will put a damper on my reading plans for most of  this last marking period, and really penalize my second reading class. They borrow more books than my homeroom students. Most are "legal" checkouts, with only one book going out at a time. The list of missing books isn't huge, but many of the missing books are part of a series.

If you have any ideas on how to handle my 2000+ classroom library circulation issues, I'd love to hear them.

My four day week will seem much longer with that long afternoon and evening of conferences on Thursday. Hope your week ahead is short.

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  1. Snow?! uh..nooooo! I hope you don't miss any school because of it!
    I also go back to school this week after spring break and end up with Friday off! Fortunately for me, I don't have conferences Thursday evening! Hope they all go just swimmingly!


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