Thursday, June 12, 2014

Making each day count

 I have two full days and two half days left with my kids this year. I have worked hard to meet their diverse needs. I had 44 of the 48 meet their Accelerated Reading Goals. My kids made great gains on our reading and math post tests. We have Passion Project presentations tomorrow. One of our Passion Projects was "completed" last Friday. We held a special hat day. The money was to go to my wheelchair bound student's tricycle project. He is confined to the wheelchair. He has a motorized chair that he has used since he was three.
When students were being placed last year, I insisted I get him in my class. I knew what he would bring to the students. It would require work on my part to modify curriculum, and to get students to rally around him. They love him and beg to partner with him. One student has developed such a love for him, that her Passion Project is about becoming a Special Ed. Teacher. (She wrote the flyer that went home to advertise the hat day.) We raised over $1900 with a partial matching grant from Rotary. We are two-thirds of the way to his tricycle. His goal is to be able to go for a ride with his friends.
Tomorrow, he will "run" his race and participate in his field and fun event with his aide. She is incredible. "Starbucks," as the kids call her, will help him fulfill his last field day in elementary school. He leaves our district for a program that will better meet his individual needs. He will leave us with so much more than he ever took from us. I cry just thinking about saying goodbye on Wednesday.
I have been trying to make each day count, and have forgotten to count the days. Too much fun to fit in the remaining days. Then packing up for the summer. Keep us in mind, as we work our way to the end.


  1. I can't even begin to imagine...48 in one room?! and with one in a wheelchair! You go girl! And I think it says much of your character to have wanted him ;)

  2. and I'm sure it will be super hard to say goodbye!


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