Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

                                                          A Day in My Shoes Linky Party

I am joining up for the linking party. Won't you join us?
6:00 Wake up before alarm goes off.
6:15 Wait for the weather and news update on the radio before I climb out of bed.
6:30 Climb out of the shower. Do make up and hair as quietly as I can, so hubby can still snooze.
6:45 Make sure teen daughter's alarm has gone off. Get dressed. Change outfit when I don't like it.
7:00 Grab frozen lunch entree or salad and diet pop.
7:05 Begin the 20 minute drive to school. Usually in quiet, as I us this as think time.
7:30 Arrive in room after greeting all the fifth grade early birds in the hall. Get smartboard and computer going with the daily agenda. Make quick breakfast to eat before kids arrive at 7:40. Can't eat before the drive, or I get sick as my world spins.
7:40 Kids arrive. I greet my kids and other fifth graders by name as they pass. See who needs some TLC to make it through the morning. This stops some of the problems if they get an ear to hear about their bus issues.
7:45 School Day begins with students copying agenda, collecting notes, connecting with kids.
7:55 Off to special classes 4 days, Library on Thursday. I meet up with team members. We fill each other in on any news, etc. I run copies.  Yes, we do our own copies. On Friday, I make sure all copies are ready for next week. Finish plans. Mondays I upload spelling list to my class page and Spelling City.
8:30 Pick up students. Use the facilities. Get ready for changing classes.
8:40 First rotation. This group is the "talker" group. They talk non-stop. Some students that struggle academically and others that are very good students. We work on spellling. Spelling tests or spelling contracts based on learning styles are addressed.
9:00 Reading Group including guided reading and independent practice. It is a mad rush to get in during the time limit.
9:45 This group is grabbing and going. It's on to science with them. My kiddos are in math. I get the readers and thinkers group. They like to talk, but can work in total silence for long stretches. A welcomed relief! This group will however surround me wherever I sit or stand. They love attention. They usually breeze through their tasks and assignment, finishing before the time is up.
10:55 Switch time. Band leaves for the bus. Choir or recorder ensemble leaves. My homeroom kiddos return. My co-teacher comes with them from math. We work on math until recess. We circulate to help the special ed students and anyone needing help.
11:20 Recess! Aide takes them out and then to lunch. We switched recess and lunch order years ago. It has been a gift! Fewer problems from bellyaches, and discipline problems in the cafeteria.
This is my lunch/prep time. Sometimes I have students stay inside to make up work, but usually have a "Lunch Bunch" literature group to eat lunch with me. This is my favorite time of day! This is also my video making time.
12:00 I start down the hall to get the kiddos, check mailbox on my way.
12:05 Reading and spelling with homeroom. It is an inclusion room. I have several special ed. students. I love working with my co-teacher. She took over my role when I moved to regular ed. years ago. We have this inclusion thing down to a science. Friday we do spelling and reading, making accommodations for her kids. We also do a Three-Minute Write to do a quick writing assessment.
1:00 I continue with language arts/writing on my own. This may also be my arts and crafts time a couple of times per month.
1:15 Tuesday or 1:45 Thursday we do reading buddies with two kindergarten classes.
2:00 RTI students go. We have work time. Some students go to my co-teacher's office for help. I help the others in my room. On Wednesdays we have Zookeepers with my students helping in our life lab.
2:25 Students are all back. I do read aloud. Announcements and bus changes are at 2:30. I read up to and after the announcements. When it is warm we go outside for a recess.
2:45 get ready to go home.
2:52 We walk students to buses. I personally escort my troubled student to the bus, focusing thoughts on the positive things that occurred so the ride home is better.
3:10 Staff Meeting or another meeting of some sort. I don't know the word "NO!" so I end up on most committees. I don't mind, I would rather be the one deciding what we do. Better than sitting back and complaining. I start checking papers here, while I wait for printing/copying. Return phone calls or emails. I usually have about an hour to do at home.
5:00 Leave for the day after I make sure things are organized and ready for tomorrow.
5:30 Help or make dinner.
6:30 Read the newspaper. Check blogs and email while family does dishes.
Family time, bball game to watch.
8:00 Head to the treadmill. This was recently added. I walk for an hour while I watch television.
9:30 After shower, I grade last of my papers and stalk blogs until bedtime.


  1. Hi Marcia:
    Your day sounds a lot like mine! My sixth graders buddy with the kinders also.
    Welcome to BlogLand! So glad you're here...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Awww, I'm your newest follower - welcome to blogging. Found you over at the linky party. Isn't it amazing what mountains we move?!?!?!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. It sounds like you have a crazy busy day just like me!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

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