Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wax Museum and a Contest

I know many of you have seen or present a wax museum, but keep reading to see how this one differs.

For those that aren't familiar, let me explain.

Students read a biography or autobiography on a famous person in history. I stipulate that the person is deceased, or no longer participating in the activity that made them famous. Some of the boys complain because they want to be their current sports hero. Some students are required by their homeroom teacher to be a scientist or inventor.  I allow free choice, as long as it fits the previous guidelines. I did break the rules last year to allow an "Oprah" who was still hosting her show. Students will own it if they can choose it. Students make a timeline, do more research to round out their speeches, and gather their props.

We choose a date in late March before spring break. Our hallways and gymnasium are transformed into a museum. These famous figures come to life when guests press their button.  What began as a small hour program has grown into a two hour dress rehearsal in the afternoon, and an evening presentation attended by several hundred parents, relatives, and community members.

LAST YEAR: I had already planned to tape performances with my flip camera when I received a random email. Samsung was sponsoring a contest. The winning student would win $500 and the teacher would get a Samsung digital presenter.

You submit a three minute video. (Cell phone quality works, as that was what I used when batteries in flip camera died.) The top videos are then in a contest on Facebook. We plastered postings on Facebook Walls, throughout the building, district and in the newspaper to vote for our video.

(Click here for video) Leonardo daVinci Video 
My student won the first contest! I received the document camera and Austin went on a shopping spree on the last day of school.

You can be the next winner. Click here to see how. Samsung K-12 Superhero Contest

Best of luck! Marcia

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