Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture It!

       A few years ago I stumbled upon Jennifer Wagner is the host. This is the site that offers several online activities, including the O.R.E.O. Project, Pumpkin Seed Count, holiday card exchange, and a St. Patrick's Day project. She tries to do a new brand new project every year.
       Her latest project is Picture It! My students are so excited to join twenty-three other classrooms as part of group H's project. Each of the classrooms were assigned one square of a cooperative art project. Students can either color the premade square, or reproduce the square for themselves. My students are busy practicing drawing what they see, so they can make their own copy to color and send on to the other classes. We are posting the black and white squares on a bulletin board until we get the colored replacement pictures in the mail.
       How is technology integrated? Besides transmitting the original work online, classrooms have the opportunity to Skype with other classrooms.Often there is a Voice Thread response. Teachers are encouraged to use Google Earth to find the other classes' locations. We have used this to meet students around the country and world. It gives students a chance to see how others live, and gets them to appreciate what they have themselves. If you are looking for some fun projects, check out the website, or her other Facebook page for more ways to integrate technology.

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