Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day coupon book

My students brainstormed their list of ideas for their Mother's Day coupon book today. It lead to some lively discussion about whether children their age should do chores, and what pay would be appropriate. Ultimately, they decided that on Mother's Day, none of that matters. All that does matter, is doing something kind for mom. Many heard statistics that what most mothers want is a homemade card. They are using the Cricut and Gypsy (my adult PSP, as they call it) to make one next week.

For the book, students choose which coupons they want to include. They must include at least five. They are free to swap coupons with other students. I print the back and fronts on cardstock. The coupons themselves are on copy paper. We may cut everything out with fancy edged scissors. They are hole-punched and then assembled with pretty ribbon. I am including a copy as a freebie!

You will need 2 pieces of cardstock for every three children.

I have to be very careful when discussing plans for projects this year, because it causes one of my fifth graders great heartache. He lost his beloved stepmother in a very tragic snowmobile accident this winter. I am thinking he should take one of the flowers to the cemetery for her. We'll see if the two of us can discuss it without tears. Doubtful! Have a great day!


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