Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Off and Running...

Yesterday was the first day for students. It was a crazy day with a two hour fog delay. We had mandatory school policies to review and some fun warm up activities squeezed in before recess and lunch. We barely got started for the afternoon, when it was time to go to back-to-back specials class. We had time for a quick getting to know you activity. I never got their picture taken, or books given out.

Today, we did pretests in math and reading. It about put several over the edge. I had students use their Senteo response clicker to enter answers, and we even taught a co-worker to use it. They loved getting the immediate feedback. We still have the second set of pretests to do tomorrow, and STAR testing for setting reading and math levels. Can't wait to finish testing and get teaching!

We worked on some cute Target dollar section posters for our display wall, took pictures, and brainstormed for their wordles we will type tomorrow.

Here are some of their posters.

Hope your year is going well!

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