Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Camp We Go!

We leave for fifth grade "camp" or outdoor education in the morning. It is supposed to be very rainy. We may even have snow flurries Tuesday and Wednesday. This is sharp contrast to our gorgeous 67 degrees and sun today. It was in the sixties last year!

I don't mind the flurries and cold, I do mind the heavy rain they have predicted. Students don't mind being outside, but wet clothes and feet could make for some very unhappy campers. Hopefully the rain will be done early, with the Underground Railroad being planned for tomorrow night. Camp Storer has added some authenticity to the event by using horses and a slave auction. We use the book "Pink and Say" as a wrap up to this activity. This will be the culmination of our Civil War studies and provides an opportunity to share a reading activity. It settles students down after we discuss the events of the evening. Students get sleepy and can't wait to hit the bed! It makes for an easy first night at camp.

I have said repeatedly this year, that I love my class. My students all get along great. They were making plans of Friday to make sure each one has a buddy. They will be excited to see their cabin groups. We keep students grouped by class as much as possible to avoid problematic situations. My last two hold outs brought in paperwork on Friday. Neither one has ever been away from mom! It could make for some extra work on my part to keep them at camp. They were placed with best friends, so that should help.

Say a prayer that we keep the rain, flu, homesickness, and other annoyances at bay! I will be back later in the week for some news.

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