Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Truth Be Told

Last weekend I linked up with Latoya Reed's Let's Get Acquainted linky party. I had so much fun reading about so many interesting lives.

My three choices for the lie were:
#1 Voted most likely to succeed in my graduating class.
#2 I rode a unicycle around my neighborhood, after being paid for learning how.
#3 I met my husband at a running race between my sister's wedding and reception.

The truth is I did get paid for learning to ride the unicycle. My father bought one at an auction and said he would give ten dollars to the first one of us that learned to ride it. My sister climbed on and took off. Not to be outdone, I practiced while he was at work the next day. When I knew he would be pulling in the drive, I hopped on and took off down the road. He gave me $5! He almost broke a collarbone trying to learn late at night. Our neighbor got to witness, and spilled the beans. That same sister and I made quite the pair. She later rode a high-wheel bicycle along side of the unicycle as I rode. (I was too short to reach the pedals on the high-wheel!)

My other truth....
My sister really did have a running race between the wedding and reception. She was secretary for a Roadrunner's Club and her fiance was vice president. They met at a race. All of the wedding party was a runner at one point. My husband's brother was invited to the wedding, and his date backed out. Mr. Wonderful became the + 1 after the race. Coincidentally, my biking sister and hubby's sister had been teammates on an AAU track team a few years earlier. Running has played a part of my life since childhood. Although my speed has slowed to a walk, I have helped hubby coach varsity cross country for eleven years.

The lie of course was that I wasn't voted most likely to succeed. I was voted best informed and most serious. That most likely to succeed class president? She dropped out of college and became a volleyball official.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving your opinion on the new linky button:) I am your newest follower and just love finding other upper elementary blogs!

    Your 2 truths and a lie were a fun read. Coaching cross country for 11 years? Wow!! It is so tough coaching and being a classroom teacher with more work to do after coaching is done for the night!
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    Stop over tomorrow if you get a chance to check out the linky:)


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