Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Go Ahead, Try It

For this week's post on Tried It Tuesday, I tried responding to some offers that were sent to me through my blog. I was hesitant at first. I  thoroughly checked several offers, and declined a few after review. One offer I did accept was to try a new game marketed by Unknown Lab. The game, "Sound It, Found It", is from Wowopolis.

It is geared to players 7 and older, and can have 3 or more players. It comes with 8 scene boards, 96 sound cards, 8 card holders (one per scene board), and instructions.

One player acts as the sounder, giving a sound associated with the item pictured on the sound card. Players secretly guess what the object is and search the scene to find the object. Once the object is sighted, the player calls out,"Found it!" If it matches, they get the card. The game can be adapted by using more than one scene at a time, and using the Super Sound Round.

My fifth graders adapted the game to fit the group playing, two groups played with four scenes. They thought it was fun, but maybe a bit young for them. They wanted to play with our reading buddies, but we were closing in on the end on the year. They also thought our speech pathologist would like the game to encourage communication skills. A couple of students thought that although it may have been easy for them, the game was great for our inclusion kids, so they didn't mind playing a second time.

My only benefit for responding to the offer, was a free game. I learned that some offers that come through blogging are good. Check the company out. You may find a freebie out there for you to try.

If you want to try a new blog design, Kimberlee, at Digital Doodle Designs and iTeach5th, is giving a new blog design away. Time is running out, so head over. The giveaway ends tomorrow morning.


  1. I've been getting offers, too, but I've not done anything with them. Mostly because nothing interested me. But it's good to know that they're not all spam!

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Oh that is great to know!I have gotten just about one offer each day but hesitate to advertise on my blog for something I am not familiar with. This looks like fun!
    I'm following with Bloglovin!
    Creative Lesson Cafe


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