Monday, July 22, 2013

A Bright Spot

We have had so much rain this summer. After all that rain, there had to be a rainbow, and I found it! My Monday Made It project for last week was my black and neon rainbow painted stool. This week, I continued with that same black and rainbow theme.

Project 1: I had planned to make two of the milk crate stools for this week, but once I got started (or hubby did with the cutting of boards) I ended up with a total of five stools. Four of which are pictured here.

Three of the stools were made from old milk crates. The thick plastic kind that will outlast any furniture I have in my classroom. Two started out a bright yellow that would match the wood stool trim! The third (not pictured) was an ugly brown. They had been used to hold things in various locations, including our shed. I used Fusion spray paint to cover their previous past. The other two are from Target. I had a can of the paint already, but had to get another one to have extra for any nicks that occur. Can't stand the thought of that yellow showing its ugly self again! 

Hubby cut the seats from scraps he had in the back shed. I had him cut them to sit on the top of the crates, not on the lip like some Pinterest stools show. I thought they would be more sturdy with fifth graders. Hubby put a frame on the inside to keep the lid on the stool. The cushion was from a Memory Foam mattress pad that I bought but hated on the bed. It is about two inches thick and help raise the seats a little more than most, also better for fifth graders. The black and rainbow striped material was purchased at Hancock Fabrics. It was on sale. Hundreds of staples hold the material in place. I love how they match my bar stool!

 Project 2: I have been using my favorite iPad apps (Art Studio and iDraw) to create some backgrounds and clipart for various projects. I could spend hours a day playing, but there are chores to be done. :(  You can see some of my handy work in the projects that follow, and some for next week.

Project 3:  I was inspired by a colleague's Homework Club concept last year, when she came back to the grade level. She used a "Counting Rope" concept. I wanted to do something that would be easier for me. My other inspiration came from the projects shown on Tara's Monday Made It linky. The black and rainbow fits my theme. The neon paper was just to help you see the numbers. The Club will be placed on an aluminum sheet that matches my "Where Are You?" board.

Project 4: I made some tags to go on our Bragging Rights necklaces. I first started making tags here to go with my Reading Olympians. I have several more to make. I still need to cut them and to retrieve the container from school to hold them. I got the necklace chain last spring with a gift card when it was half off. I  may need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to get another roll, but I have a coupon, and want to browse.

Project 5:  I noticed a number of pins on Pinterest with a "Before You Go" displays. I made a version to match my color scene. (Sorry about the glare but lamination can be that way!)

I have a few more things lined up for next week. What did you make for Monday Made It?


  1. You'll have to update me on your crates throughout the year. I had bought the materials to do mine last year and my husband had a fit. He told me that they wouldn't hold my 4th graders! I don't know if mine are more chintzy or what! I love your bright colors!

  2. Love the crates! Those are one of the items I would eventually like to make for my own classroom. Other projects have overtaken that one this year though!

    - Pam
    Moments to Teach


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