Saturday, August 17, 2013

So Much and a Sale

I am exhausted. I have been trying to get my room ready, but haven't had a lot of success. I decided to paint four bookcases, a cabinet, and two large paper storage units. Decided last week I needed it done. I talked hubby into doing much of the painting while I put up backgrounds and borders on my bulletin boards and caught up with colleagues.

I also have continued with my walking. I set a goal here to walk 50 to 75 miles before school started. Since July 28 I have walked 50 miles. I hoped to reach the 50 mile point on my birthday yesterday, but was too tired and my foot was sore. I walked six miles this morning, faster than I planned, and have suffered. I still hope to get to 75 before September 3, when kids return. I have to figure out how to block out the time for the mileage, room setup, finishing projects, setting up and scoring our home cross country meet, and the list continues endlessly. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

One thing that does excite me, is the prospect of emptying my TpT wishlists. I cannot wait to start shopping. What will you buy? This sale is fantastic. To be able to save 28% on so much of my wishlist items will allow me to purchase even more! Yipee! Don't forget the code!

Thanks Michelle, at The 3 AM Teacher for the adorable banner!

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