Monday, October 14, 2013

Made It Monday in October

I have been busy with classroom projects and am happy to link up with Tara for this month. I have a large span of abilities this year and found I needed some basic math task cards for review. The need became evident when students weren't ready to jump into my fifth grade curriculum. I am required to review skills for our standardized testing (math is tomorrow), but also wanted to motivate students to want to complete the task cards. My students love Melonheadz Illustrating clipart that adorns many of my classroom posters. (I am becoming a hoarder of her clipart) so I used some fun holiday clipart. For this set, students will decide if the problems art correct (a treat) or incorrect (a trick).
Set of 32 cards
I also made a "Dear Aunt Sally" poster for Order of Operations. When we expand on our knowledge, the real "Aunt Sally" may make an appearance.

Lastly, to motivate my students to "Rock the MEAP Test" I made these locker tags and banner

As you can see, I have some new products to upload to my stores. Until they get uploaded, if you see anything you like here, and you are one of the first three to comment, I will send you a free copy.


  1. I would love a set of these Trick or Treat cards. I had gone to your TPT store to check them out-then saw that they were not there! I hope I am one of the first!!

    -Allison Harig

  2. I also would love the Trick or Treat Cards. Thank you so much.
    Dora Alvarez-Roa


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