Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Days lead to rethinking

Today is my third day in a row with no school. I cherish my days off, but am quite the creature of habit. (BTW, my OLW is cherish!) I need to get back in routine. I hope that my formal observation for tomorrow will be rescheduled, as I now have three days of missed lessons to fit in somewhere. The lessons will be bare bones.

I am fitting one more novel in before the end of the semester. I planned a novel study packet with it, but now will do an interactive journal. I have parts of the journal that I could put into action tomorrow, but need time to prepare the rest. I could do a lesson with the novel (a different one for each reading class) that would make a great observation.

In math, I will also change things up. I use a math book. Unfortunately, the curriculum and book is not rigorous enough to meet the CCSS, so I have to supplement. This doesn't work well with a spiraling curriculum, as the lessons are always reviewing the material learned. When you add material, there isn't the daily review, so I will be jumping both feet into a Math Workshop model.

To satisfy stakeholders, we will cover the skills in the book, but will pick and choose which problems we do in the problem set. I know, that isn't following the spiraling concept, but I can easily add review problems for our supplemented skills. I also use Drop in the Bucket, for supplemental math homework. I will blog more about our progress later.

Although today is also Wednesday, I am not going to have a "What Works Wednesday" post. The only thing I have working well is my furnace! With the Polar Vortex, it has had quite the workout. I am happy to see the thermometer outside my door has finally hit the 15 degrees above zero!

Hope your day has been productive and routine!

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