Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Works this week with a freebie

Wow, a post two days in a row!

For this week's "What Works Wednesday" I'd like to share a creative project option for students to share books they read. All of us have done book reports and oral book talks with students. As you try to survive the umpteenth diorama, you think that has to be something else they can do. I started allowing students to do "Talk Show" reviews a couple of years ago. I may have mentioned them but wanted to give more details.

To do a talk show, two students read the same book. They can choose to partner read, or read on their own. I have them record thoughts in a reader's notebook that they think would add to the "show". They need to let the teacher know a day or two before they finish, so that the talk show can be scheduled.

The two students use their notes write a script. One student takes the role of the author, and the other acts acts as the talk show host. The script includes questions from the "host" and answers from the "author". The host will need to introduce the author, and deliver a concluding statement.

I have lots of different chairs in my room, including two lounge chairs that are usually the seats for the "show". The host and author take their seats (often with a table in front to hold their script or notes). I have used a live audience, or recorded the show for delayed "telecast" using a flip camera or my iPad. I prefer the flip camera.

Flip cameras have built-in software, but I import the video into Windows Movie Maker. I edit any out takes, and add a title and credits. I have added a music sound track from royalty free music sites, but usually just let the show stand on its own. I have posted completed videos on my district webpage so parents can watch. Students enjoy watching the show. The two presenters enjoy a chance to be in the limelight. I don't spend a lot of time perfecting the video.

Black and White video was the creative idea of the two students.

It's a fun way for students to share their love of reading and gives them an authentic audience to enjoy their writing. It is definitely more interesting than reading a hundred book reports!
Talk Show Book Sharing works! Want to try it for yourself? Click the freebie for the student handout.

Talk Show Freebie

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