Sunday, March 16, 2014

Umm, Pi!

We celebrated an abbreviated Pi Day on Friday. We were coming off snow day #15 and 16. My kids loved the activities in spite of the fact there was no food involved (the room next door measured round snacks).

We used Miss Math Dork's Chain of Pi to make our own chain. We didn't get through all digits, but they were proud to hang our chain in the hall for all to see. I forgot to snap a picture of their chain. They want to finish the rest of the digits when we get home from camp. They loved reciting the digits using the chain, challenging to do it without looking at the numbers, using just the colors.
Miss Math Dork's Chain of Pi

We also made pi posters From Cindy Lam. 

The pi flip book is by Danielle Knight.

I have a few more things that I need to complete before tomorrow's trip to camp. I am hoping to schedule a post for tomorrow's Monday Made It, but packing is more important. Have a great week, I know I will have an interesting one.

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