Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It - July 7th

I have been on break a couple of weeks. but was hard to get myself motivated to make anything with our break starting so late. I have also been planning my youngest's graduation party. Many of the things I made have been for the party. Some I may share, others probably not.

After seeing so many chalk paint projects, I wanted to try it for myself. I found the supplies I needed at JoAnn's most were on sale. I had a 40% off coupon for one item that wasn't on sale, the chalk paint.

I made a large letter to hang on my door or wall. I kind of like it on the wall. It takes away from the horrible seventies dark paneling that I hate. The letter is one of the cardboard molded letters - it is big at 24". The bow is a faux burlap wired ribbon. I made it and attached it with jute string. It took one spool of ribbon at ten yards.

My next project was to paint two frames with my chalk paint. I painted one layer. Let it dry, then a couple of hours later, added a second coat. After the paint dried, I used wax to add a low sheen. Ignore the empty frames. These will hold photos of my daughter from graduation. I loved the ease of use of the chalk paint. I may try my hand at making some of my own with supplies I have around the house. The frames will sit on a shelf in our living room after the party.

The last project was a redo. Two years ago, I made a bunting to hang in the room. It fit my black and white scheme. I hated that it was dreary. Last year I added pops of color (neon) to the room but not to the bunting. The new bunting is bright! I cannot wait to see what it looks like hanging in the room. My room at the moment is in the hallway with freshly waxed floors keeping me out.



I think it goes nicely with my sharing stool and milk crate benches I made last summer, don't you?

What have you made? Link up with Tara and show us.


  1. That sharing stool looks great - love the colours!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. I love the bright pops of color!

  3. I need to do some of those crates! :) Yours are super cute:)
    Kayla in the Classroom


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