Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently November

It's November. Time for Farley's linky.

I know living in southeast Michigan means cold weather and November go hand in hand. It was relatively warm Wednesday and Thursday. Friday brought colder air and some snow flurries. Today was cold and windy. My furnace is cranking out the heat. A register is by my feet. Toasty!

It was the coldest Cross Country State Meet I can remember in 13 years. We have had 4 girls teams, many individuals, and today our second boys team ran at Michigan International Speedway. The CC State Meet is held there every year. It is one of the few places that can accommodate all divisions of competitors, the spectators and parking. It isn't very spectator friendly, I watch the start and wait at the finish for the runners. I can always pick out our runners. Funny, because it is usually through a camera lens that I watch them run. Today was no different. We had four of our seven boys finish in the top half of the 3.1 mile race. They are All-State Academic recipients. So proud of them, and my hubby, the head coach.

I should be working on grades. We were told we had until November 9th for grades to be submitted. Friday afternoon that directive was changed to Monday morning. After reconsideration, I now have until 3 PM Tuesday. Think I can procrastinate a little longer. I have to finish a few sets of papers and projects first. I don't "quit" taking grades until the last day of the quarter. 

I am looking forward to that extra hour of sleep tonight with the time change. My only regret is that the change throws off my body clock. I also hate that it is almost dark by the time I get home most nights. Yuck!

I always read Andrew Clements' No Talking to my kids in November. We even try the contest between boys and girls to see which group can go the longest without talking. It gets them thinking about rules and they hold each other accountable. I hope it helps with this group of talkative kids.

Well, time to wrap up. What is happening in your life Currently?


  1. Oh I so feel you on the grading. It's insane this year. I can't believe you have the furnace on we haven't had it on in a LONG time. In fact we may have our AC on about a few weeks back! LOL it's finally cooled down in San Diego.

    Mrs. Bucaroff's Fantastic Fourth

  2. The grading fairy...that's a great idea! I know in Michigan you get a lot more cold weather than I want, but I would like some fall sometime soon. I'm excited that it's supposed to be 75 today, but it should be back to 90 by Wednesday. ;( Oh SoCal.


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