Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Scoop

I should be finishing my lesson plans for the week, but am blog stalking instead. I found lots of wonderful freebies on the Teachers Thanking Teachers linky. So many good things. Hope I can find room to squeeze them into my plans. While I am at it, I have decided to link up with the Teaching Trio and their Sunday Scoop linky. (Seems linky parties are all I am motivated to blog about lately.)

I have most of my plans finished. Just need to tweak the video for my math lesson for tomorrow, and add math plans for Thursday. I copied all my work for the week last week, so I just need to sort it by class and day. That shouldn't take long. My laundry pile is growing, so that cannot wait. I need to throw in a load or two tonight while I watch television.

I am building co-chair for school improvement, and also serve on the district team. I am presenting Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning. I should be able to do this standard in my sleep. It is who we are as a building and a district, besides who I am as a teacher. My biggest fear is that I may not know the other buildings (Middle and High School) well enough, or that my team mate is too laid back in his part of the presentation. Those fears will probably keep this perfectionist from falling asleep at a decent hour.

I give lots of choices to students to showcase their book knowledge to go with their independent reading. One student has a sibling that recorded so many "Talk Shows" three years ago, that I couldn't upload them to my website. The talk show (think Oprah's Book Club) is also the favorite activity of the younger sibling. Lunch with the two lovely girls will be a highlight of my day. It is fun to watch them take on a new persona and to hear about the book they read. They pack so much into the 5 minute video! Then we are eating lunch, away from the cafeteria and the lounge. It makes my lunch so much more enjoyable. The only problem is it is right before my presentation. Hope my nerves don't get the best of me while I am enjoying their company.

Hope your week is fast and fun! 

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