Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Don't Own Stock but...

I don't own stock in Target, but probably should.  I used to joke that I cashed my paycheck there because I bought so much at Target. Now, I'm almost sure my pay is delivered directly to them electronically! I didn't realize how much of my classroom organizational items were bought there. It was so much more obvious as I took my pictures for the Clutter-free Classroom Project challenge.  My classroom library baskets (see previous post) and my light colored bookcases, bins for leveled readers, their storage crates, and the colored drawer unit were purchased there.

My all time favorite purchases were my student cubbies.  They are actually 2 sets of the 8 cube units from Target. I turned them on their side, and put them on wheels. (Built by me with our previous maintenance man watching!) The cloth bins are also from Target. It bothers me they don't match, but I couldn't get the light one any more when I added more last year. They are what you see as you enter my room. I don't like the fact they make the entrance congested, but it is a necessity for me.

When we departmentalized, I didn't want to use desks, but had no choice. I turned the desks backwards so students kept everything in the cubbies. It greatly reduced theft of personal items and kept the clutter out of sight. I had less interruptions when students forgot items needed in another class. They crept in, got their items, and quietly exited without interrupting my instruction. I seldom close my door, so they also act as a buffer for distractions from the hall.
How do you control your student supplies? Have ideas to help me as I challenge myself to become clutter-free?

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