Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Great Finds

In my previous post, I talked about how much of my organization items I get from Target. Target has a great little dollar spot that is loaded with finds perfect for the classroom. I found great little buckets for my bucket fillers there last year. On later trips, I found more for two colleagues that matched their color schemes.

I just saw a cute mailbox that would be perfect for valentines,  little heart chalkboards, glow sticks, whiteboards.  I had to grab some desktop caddies, card games and "Jenga" type tower game. The tower game is for a project found on Pinterest. The "dollar spot" has some items for $2.50 along with the $1 finds. I always look here before I begin my aisle cruising. Items rotate by seasons and with limited quantities it may take stops at two or three Targets to meet your full class needs. Several of the items are featured in Pinterest projects. These finds help a tight eacher's budget and make it possible to get inexpensive alternatives to the pricey catalogs.

Hope you have a Target near you! Happy hunting for some great finds. I'd love to see your finds so leave me a link to your blog or your Pinterest boards so I can follow you.


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