Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have been blessed not once, but twice with the Versatile blogger award. Michelle at Mrs. White's Fifth Grade Class. She has a many technology tips including one on using QR codes with students. The second one was awarded by Hilary Burton at Fifth Grade Fancy. Hilary has a beautiful blog design that is quite fancy. Thank you ladies for the honor.

I am to share seven facts about myself, so here goes:
           1. I have wanted to teach since second grade.
           2. Most of my pets are/were named after a sports star, or a stadium.
           3. I love photography, and would love to do it professionally when I retire from teaching.
           4. I love to read. Currently reading Rick Riordan's Son of Neptune, Book 2 of Lost Hero.
           5. I sat through two severe storms in a stadium, never leaving my seat. Once at a State Track Meet, and the other was at Wrigley Field during a tornado warning. Quite an experience, but not recommended!
           6. I met my husband at my sister's wedding reception. 
           7. Although I don't look anything like the runner I used to be, the sport of running has played a significant role in my life. 

With so many of these awards floating around in recent days, I am going to hold off on awarding this prize to others, until I can assess who hasn't received it already, and recognize some newbies as a way to encourage them.

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