Monday, October 8, 2012

Reading Fun

I love learning new things. One thing I learned from fellow blogger Michelle White at Mrs. White's 5th Grade Class was how to use QR Codes. I previously learned how to make a QR Code which linked to my professional webpage, but wanted to use them with students.

Michelle's decimal activity

Michelle took the concept of QR Codes and applied them to an activity for her class. Students use a QR Code reader on an iPad. The QR Code takes the student to a website where they do an activity or watch a video. Michelle has one for adding and subtracting decimals. She even made the video (Show Me app works great for this). See her website for the activity. My students loved her math activity.

Online quia quiz

I took this concept and worked on a fun reading activity with cute videos and activities only to find most of them blocked at school. I tried Keepvid, but that wouldn't work either. Frustration set in, but didn't deter me. Since I had the class set of iPads for Monday and Tuesday, I was determined to use them effectively. I simplified the activity and reduced the number of sites to visit. I am finding replacement sites to use on Tuesday. This should be a welcomed break between MEAP test sessions.

Gathering background knowledge
Google Maps of West Virginia
I also decided that since I was starting two novels, one with each of my reading classes, I would add QR Codes to my reading packets for The Midnight Fox and Shiloh. I started with The Midnight Fox and added background knowledge on black foxes and Kewpie dolls, including a video clip of a black fox from England. I also added some codes to help with vocabulary.  By the time I started on my Shiloh packet, I had been at it for hours. My enthusiasm was waning. I did add a QR Code for Google Maps so students could find Friendly, West Virginia. We live in an area without much change in elevation, so I wanted them to see the hills. They can see the Ohio River meandering, and learn about the area. I also have them searching recipes to include zucchini (related to the story).

They are having fun, and using iPads effectively. Can you take this concept and apply it to your own situation? I would love to see your activity, maybe even "borrow" it as well.

***Warning worksheets with QR codes cause havoc with Google Docs. Too many codes cause redirects. Limit codes if you are using Google Docs. Microsoft word doesn't have issues with the codes.


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  2. Are you a teacher who wants to help other teachers? Here is your chance. These are honestly some of the best I personally know!


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