Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100 a few times and a giveaway

This is my 100th Post! Yippee! I have had 20,300 views. This is pitiful for many of you, but quite a feat for me! Why should this matter? Keep reading.

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school and Valentines Day is Thursday. At fifth grade, we don't do very much with these special days. Being partially departmentalized our schedule has little wiggle room. Tomorrow we will do some multiplying and division with multiples of tens, hundreds, and decimals using some task cards and a game of "Scoot". Thursday we are having my annual Friendship Luncheon. Students have the name of their secret pal safely secured in their backpacks. Their shoe boxes have started their transformation into a cleverly designed lunchbox befitting the receiver of said lunch. I will be back later in the week with pictures.

Our morning will be routine, but then the fun starts. The students are excited about eating in the classroom. (Our cafeteria is usually a pleasant place, but with several inside recess days in the last two weeks, they have had the "Red Light" on. The music has been muted, so lunch with friends where talking is encouraged is a welcomed relief.) We have a later special service on Thursday, so my students will eat and then watch the movie Shiloh 2 (Shiloh Season). We recently read the story as our class novel, and cannot wait to see if the story line holds true to the book. The movie's length? Almost 100 minutes!

We will fly through Friday with anticipation of the students' long weekend. We have professional development on Monday :( but it should be a good one. (I helped plan it!) My only hope is that I survive the week. My dad is hospitalized again, this time with a broken shoulder from a fall. His goal when he had heart surgery at 81 (3 years ago) was to live to 100. He wants to dance at my daughter's wedding. She is 17 and can't date until she is thirty at least! Lol!

If you have stuck with this rambling post this far, I am going to give away a gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers for $10 (sorry). The winner may be lucky number 100. If during this give away I can reach 200 followers, I will give a second $10 gift certificate away. Good Luck!

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