Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friendship Lunch Please!

Our friendship lunch was today. I am so glad the students chose this option over a pizza party or ice cream sundaes. It was so enjoyable. We had a lovely lunch in the classroom. They had each created a wonderful lunch and box specifically for the individual receiving it. I made lunch for my new student. She is so sweet. She is the perfect addition to our class. She, like most of my girls, loves teen idols. I had glued photographs from teen magazines of Justin Bieber. My lunchbox was a cute dog. The designer loves the stories about my chocolate lab drooling on my lap as I grade papers, and she knew we were watching a Shiloh movie.

This year's selection of lunchboxes were some of the best matched to the receiver. I usually let students guess as to which box belongs to them. Many had let the name of their secret pal slip, so they wanted something different. They asked me to match lunches to individual students. I did well until I got down to the One Direction boxes. My girls request them every day on Songza, while the boys say their songs make their ears bleed! In the end I was able to match all but two boxes. I guess that shows I really do know my kids!
Anyway, take a look at their boxes. Can you choose the winners?

Were your kids wild today? After 100th day celebrations on Wednesday, and thoughts of a long weekend for kids, our school was c-r-a-z-y! The best part was my class wasn't crazy. We shut the door and did our own thing. The only reason you couldn't hear a pin drop was because of our movie, Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season. Our principal came over the PA in the early afternoon to scold students about lunch, recess, and hall behavior. My students were thankful the scolding didn't include them. I love my kids!

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  1. Hi Marcia! I just love the friendship lunches. How clever! We celebrated both the 100th day and Valentine's Day this week. I'm all partied out but the kids had a blast. This year, for the 100th Day, the students were scrambled up and rotated through activities in each classroom. It was nice for them to be with friends from other classes for a change.

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