Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Apology and Randomness

I have been really bad about blogging lately. I apologize for my absence. The end of the year is always busy for every teacher. This year seemed worse than usual for me. Since I don't count down days, I often run out of time to complete all that I plan. This year was no different. It only took me a week to get to this post.
We finished our year with a trip to a Toledo Mudhens game with our Little leaders, our safety/mentoring group. Image fifty plus fifth graders sitting in the first four rows by the home bullpen. Lots of lefties kept us on our toes, or ducking. Then came the mayflies. My daughter, who went with us, hates bugs. It "rained" bugs for two innings.

We finish our year with two half student days. We weren't able to do a year end picnic, but we did get to do a big breakfast. Hubby made pancakes. We had so much food, we ate leftovers on Tuesday. We also had an All School Singalong. It gives our exiting fifth graders one last chance to see former teachers. It was especially meaningful with our principal moving into a district position. At 11:00, all adults in our building gather in front to wave goodbye to the departing students.

Last Tuesday was my last day of class, but I finally finished cleaning, purging, and packing this Monday. That included cleaning up my computer. (I took time yesterday, and late last week to spend with family.) So when I showed up to turn in my keys and to finish my grade level requisitions this morning, I was thankful for the time I spent removing files from the computer. My computer was gone, it is getting upgraded with new windows and office. I had to go to the computer lab to work. After a couple of hours, I grabbed my plants and headed out the door. 
I have great plans for my break, including some leisure reading, three in-services, including Daily 5 for Math next week. I also hear a pool calling my name.

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  1. Really enjoyed your end-of-the-year post:) Somehow it(the month of May at school) always feels rather like I'd imagine the spin cycle of the washer feeling if I ever had the urge to jump in!! I especially liked your 11:00 activity where all of the adults gather to wave good bye to all of the kiddos. What a lovely and special time that must have been and what a wonderful way to bring excellent closure to the school year. Thank you for sharing! Darcy Hill


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