Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently June

This is a quick post. It has been a couple of  crazy, busy days.  I am joining Farley's Current Linky for May before heading off to bed.

Hubby is a Pacer's fan. Since the Red Wings bowed out of the hockey post season, we are on to the NBA for now. It helps distract him from his coaching anxiety. Our girls' performance at the State Meet today has left him hoarse, happy, and hyped up just a little. "Our" girl was the state champ in the long jump, setting a new state record, won the 200 meter dash, and took second in the 100 meter dash. We also had six other girls perform very well. Coach Hoj and the girls put together our best finish in our school's history.

After a three hour trip home, and a long day in the sun, I need some sleep and to fit a haircut into my crazy year-end schedule. A day in the sun and wind has me wanting to chop, chop, chop!

We have a week and two half days left. I need about three weeks to get in all the fun things I'd love to do. One thing I hate doing is inventorying books and packing the library. I have some sweet volunteers that have just started the job.

Although my vacation may not be starting for a few days, being in the sun made me think about importance of sunscreen. I was glad I had comfy shoes and my camera today. We made so many trips between events to catch the girls in action. Now I just need to print lots of pictures. One of the girl's graduation parties is tomorrow. I want her to have a big picture for her display table.

How crazy has your life been? Don't forget to join up with Farley's Linky.


  1. Congrats on the State results today. Exciting! I love hearing that you wish you had more time with your students to fit in all the fun activities you'd like to do. By now, most people are counting down the days until school is out.

  2. Inventorying books seems to be a never-ending job, doesn't it?! Good luck!

  3. I couldn't enjoy a vacation without sunscreen and comfy shoes :)
    Fun in Room 4B


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