Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Classroom Library

I had been acquiring books for my library for many years when I stumbled across a blog by  Angela Bunyi (Scholastic Top Teacher Blog).  She shared her ideas on leveling books and organizing a classroom library. I had my books sorted by A.R. level, and was in need of a change because my library books no longer fit on the shelves.  She suggested organizing books by genre and/or authors, using baskets or crates to hold the books.

Favorite Authors Blue
Fiction Favorite Series, Genre
I started gathering crates and baskets for my books. Next, I began the overwhelming task of sorting books by genre or favorite author.  As I added more books, I realized I needed to a way to inventory books.   I spent three weeks inventorying the books using a bar code scanner. I had to make labels for many of the books, and decided to add my name as well.  During this time we decided to switch to departmentalize, and all fifth graders started using my library.  I ordered Scholastic Arrow books for three classrooms, so I was able to replace copies that were destroyed or lost.  The organization and inventory helped, but I still lost about about thirty books last year.  Compared to the 1,500+ books I had, I didn't think it was bad, but some of favorites were lost!
Multiple copies for literature circles and
Buddie Books and
Curriculum support/Non-fiction
I am looking into using my iPad or cell phone bar code reader to come up with a better inventory system, one kids can easily use. Maybe I even use a library card. If I cannot come up with someway to keep things organized, I may have to restrict the library to in classroom reading, or only allow my students to check out books.  I hate to do that, since I want to instill a love of books in all of my students.
Got any ideas?



  1. Love your library set up with colour coded bins!

  2. Thank you! They took a while to get them the way I wanted them. The hard part is packing up the books and the bins every June. We have to pack all shelves that are moveable.

  3. I love your benches that have book storage underneath. Did you make those or convert an older piece of furniture?


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