Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is my first post for the blog. I have been stalking some wonderful blogs for the last few months, and wanted to give it a try. I hope to share some valuable tips and ideas, like those of you that I follow. 

We departmentalized last year after being self contained for years. I now teach reading and spelling to all of fifth grade, and writing to my homeroom students. It was a personal struggle to switch to just language arts. I missed their interactive weather reports, green screen videos, and other projects that integrated technology. That said, 

I do love books, and have a large classroom library (that is organized by levels and by author/genre), so teaching reading is a good fit. I struggled last year to know how to get all of reading in during a very short 40 minute time frame. I found myself cutting all of the technology out of my teaching.

This year, I have about 65 minutes for reading and spelling. I am trying to incorporate more technology because I made that one of my education goals. I use technology to differentiate instruction for my various levels of students. I have Skyped with mixed results. I have tried podcasting, and LOVE my iPads, Smartboard, and document camera. I can once again honestly say I love my job!


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