Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whose idea was this? Freebies

Report cards were sent home the end of March, but we had conferences Thursday from 8 AM to 8 PM, with a scheduled lunch and dinner. Needless to say, with parents having the cards for three weeks, the turn out for conferences wasn't great. Our fall conferences were by appointment and were with homeroom teachers only. The spring conference was with all of the teachers individually, in an open format. We chose to stay in our rooms as opposed to the gym. We figured we would spend about 5-7 minutes per conference. During the first three hours, I saw ten or eleven parents. Most popped in long enough to grab the progress report (electronic grade book glitch wouldn't give us access to last quarter's grades any more!), and made sure assignments were up-to-date. Things picked up through the afternoon and by evening we had three or four parents waiting at all times.

We were told we had to contact all parents that didn't show, so we worked into our lunch and dinner breaks. When 8 PM rolled around, we had a backlog of parents, so we were the last ones to leave for the evening at almost 9 o'clock! We had only seen about 70% of the fifth grade parents. We had a few more call. Our usual attendance? 95%! We will be sending the progress reports on Monday, with a notice to contact us if there are concerns. Hope the calendar for next year is different so attendance will be better.

The result of my morning spare time? I worked on upgrading some activities I use for spelling. I am including two as freebies to celebrate one more thing being crossed off my list for the year. Hope you can use them.

 Spelling Math                    Write Your Words


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