Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why Not Art?

We had to alter our schedule to allow for our Alzheimer's presentation yesterday. We ended up our homeroom students all afternoon. (Love that when it happens!) Having an extended length of time, I decided to do a couple of projects. We had stories we needed to finish for writing, and it had been a while since we did an craft project. Notice I said craft and not Art. We eliminated our Art Program and teacher last year. We were expected to integrate art concepts into our lessons. Begrudgingly, we did just that. Then, at a heated school board meeting this past summer, the super said we still had art, we fought back and had refused to teach it this year. Our teaching contract says you must have a minor or major in Art to teach it. We finally reached a compromise with an adjusted specials schedule and have added "craft" projects where they fit. Before the blowup, fifth grade had agreed to do displays for our fine arts Spring Program. So I needed something quick. Enter our butterflies and dragonflies. They do "fit" into our fifth grade curriculum because we study invertebrate animals and even have a butterfly house. They also fit with math because of the tie-in with symmetry and geometry.


These should look lovely on display for our program, don't you think?


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