Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Dog - Sumdog

I love blog stalking. I find so many ideas to use in my classroom and to share with colleagues. One of the things I found early last Fall was Sumdog. I don't remember whose blog it was because I wasn't an official follower at the time. Anyway, Sumdog is a math site where students practice math facts and concepts while racing against others. Sumdog allows customized student passwords, and has concepts aligned by grade level. All free! There are some parts that are subscription. A few times a year they offer free State Contests. Beginning Next week, there is another contest. Students at registered schools compete to earn the most points for the day. Daily winners can earn free software for their school.

I don't teach math, but signed up our fifth graders in the fall. My teammate set aside class time one day, and then encouraged participation at home by giving homework credit. We were top point earner one day, earning software. Not bad for only having 79 students. Winners from each State are eligible for the first National Contest. Won't you join in the fun?

  Sum Dog


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  1. My students LOVE Sumdog! Two other cool things about it: 1. You can set what grade level(s) each student is working on, so the math will be at their level. 2. You can create challenges (basically assignments to do a certain number of problems) or competitions where your students can see each others scores. I have students who never did homework before doing 6,000 math problems each weekend (that's almost 30 times what I assign!).


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