Monday, September 30, 2013

How do you stack?

You may play with your food in this class. "Our Really Exciting Online" project (O.R.E.O. Project) by Jennifer Wagner from Projects by Jen and Oreo Project Weebly. Jen has organized this project for fifteen years, but I have only participated for the last few years. The concept is simple, stack Oreo cookies one cookie at a time with one hand. See how many you can stack without adjusting any cookie. The stacking stops when one or more cookies falls.
(Sorry about the poor video quality. My Flip Camera has seen better days!)

This year, I used Runde's Interactive Math Journals with the project. We documented how many cookies we averaged, as well as our reading buddies classes. The students enjoy this activity, but hated to see the cookies go to waste. We used two family packs of the original Oreo cookies. Students worked in small groups, with partners counting the stacks. Here are some of our favorite pictures.

We also had the opportunity to Skype with another classroom through the project. A third grade class in the central time zone needed a class to discuss their project. When I received the email late one afternoon, I jumped on it. The time (12:30 our time) was perfect. We were going to be wrapping up averaging one Buddy classroom's stacking before heading to our other group.

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  1. WOW -- thank you for sharing this --
    I love the skype video --
    could you share with me the embed code so I could place it here?

    Miss Wagner


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