Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh, No! November!

Time is just flying by. I cannot believe it is November already. Linking up with Farley for her Currently Party.
I am listening to Guy Fiery and the Food Network. That is a mistake when you are hungry! 

I am loving the beautiful fall colors. The trees in my yard have never looked so lovely. I especially love the crimson colored maple outside my bedroom window.

The youngest turned 18 a little over a month ago. She has quickly grown up into a lovely young lady. I took her Senior pictures (long story) and printed one for the yearbook. It seems like yesterday she was just a peanut. She just came home after helping a friend distribute Halloween candy. Our trick-or-treating was delayed by torrential rains on Thursday. I think she may have scared a few little ones tonight. 

As BeetleJuice
I could use a day off. I have to make it to next Friday, after a marathon of conferences on the 14th to get a day. I cannot wait! I would rather wait, than get one with a sick day, as I am beginning to battle a serious respiratory infection.

I should be doing my grades. They are due at 8:00 AM tomorrow, but with a brand new secretary beginning tomorrow, and the backup grade book "queen" being put on mandatory maternity bed rest, I don't think the deadline matters.
My yummy pin is inspired by the fall season. Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Smoothies.  


  1. Love listening to Guy and you are so right, never while you're hungry!

  2. Mine would match yours almost exactly! Only my youngest is only 4, but I'm already thinking it!

  3. I love ANYTHING on Food Network, but Guy is definitely a favorite! That man has some serious personality and make anything fun to watch!
    Lisen :)
    Second Grade Smartypants


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