Monday, May 5, 2014

You Are Appreciated

Last Thursday I watched President Obama award the NEA Teacher of the Year Award to Sean McComb, an 11th grade AP English teacher. I watched the live stream on C-Span with my students. During his speech, prior to awarding Sean's glass apple, President Obama spoke kindly about teachers. Here is part of the speech.

“Great teachers set us on a better path,” Obama said today. “And you do it even when we ask so much of you. Teachers don’t get an off day, even when you’re exhausted. Once you get up in front of that class, you have eager young minds depending on you. It’s that all-encompassing commitment, the love they feel for their students, that makes so many teachers go the extra mile. It’s the dedication to helping all students reach their full potential, the passion and creativity that they bring to the work, instead of going through the motions and teaching to the test.”
“I could not be prouder of Sean, all the teachers here today, and all the teacher who are out there – the millions who are working hard in classrooms across the nation. We want to thank you,” Obama said.

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As this week gets ready to roll as "Teacher Appreciation Week," know that you are appreciated. Your students and parents may not tell you often enough. Your administration may not say it or show it, but the President of the Greatest Nation, The United States of America, does and so do I and all the sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers. Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide sale on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fill your shopping carts with lots of goodies to finish off the year or to get started with next year. My entire store will be on sale for 20% off.


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