Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently March 1

With the weeks of cold, and the fact we haven't see grass in well over a month, March crept up slowly! I cannot believe it is March 1st already. This means it is also time for Farley's Currently.

I like listening to television while I work on the computer. It usually doesn't matter what is on, just that it is on. Funny, when I work at school, I prefer silence. Maybe because it is usually noisy there. At home, the dog likes to sit at my feet or cuddle on the couch. The youngest is home, so the dog is with her tonight. 

My son and his girl friend recently announced their engagement. She compliments him. They are beginning plans for their wedding. Cannot wait for their visit in two weeks!

My lesson plans need to be completed. So many extras to fit in before we go to camp in two weeks. I have a special guest coming this week, a PLC meeting during the day Wednesday, and a Mystery Skype this week. We also have a planned Fire Drill. Snow is still about a foot deep. That should be fun for the classes that go out side doors without sidewalks. Lol! Looking forward to it all, except the substitute plans for Wednesday morning. 

The house and my classrooms are both in desperate need of a good cleaning. That may be my Spring Break plans after all! I need to at least clean some before son's visit.

We have had so many inside recess days, but only three snow days. The few inches of snow today won't keep us from school tomorrow. They are predicting snow, sleet, freezing rain, then rain for Tuesday. We will likely have school as it standardized testing for Juniors in Michigan. Also, our superintendent takes great pride in not cancelling school. 

Spring Break for me isn't until April 2nd. We have Parent Teacher Conferences all day on April 1st. It will be our longest spring break in my 32 years. With family all on different schedules, my break will be uneventful. I hope to get some cleaning, reading, and projects completed.


  1. Congratulations on the engagement! That's so exciting :) I'm so sick of this cold weather, too. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with the snow like you have, but I'm still so sick of the cold and rain. Have a great spring break even if it's so far off. (Mine, too.)

  2. My house and classroom need a good clean too! I organized the cupboard in my bathroom (yes it's little yuck but I have a cupboard in my classroom bathroom.. there was no where else to put storage in our room!!) but I would love to go through my filing cabinets one day! Congratulations to your son and his girlfriend on their engagement! How exciting!! We have been indoor recess for weeks now! It hasn't snowed but it has been in the -20s all week last week. It's suppose to warm up a little this week though for us! And we NEVER get snow days either! Buses get canceled but schools are still open!

    I hope you have a good week! Good luck with conferences!!

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