Monday, September 2, 2013


I cannot believe August is gone. I go back to school tomorrow. I have been absent from blogging as I have been trying to get my room together, attending several in-service sessions, and teaching one. The last was a nightmare! Love technology when it works, but lately it hasn't been cooperative. I will be back later tonight or tomorrow with pictures of my classroom. I am heading back to school to stash put away the last two boxes I took back.

I love Farley's Currently, especially the love yourself spot on September's Currently. I am hoping that putting it in writing will help me focus.

I only watch morning television during the summer. Today is my last chance. This summer has given me lots of family time. I think my daughter is welcoming the return to school to get a break from me! I wish summer had not waited until August to arrive. We don't have air conditioning at school, and had a building and sinking fund defeated in August that would have gotten it for our building. It has been almost 90 many days, as I tried to get the room finished. Tomorrow is forecast to be in the low to mid 70's. Yipee!

Our assistant principal became our principal this summer. Things are already different, in a good way. More about that in future posts I am sure. 

My love myself challenge: get back to walking. I walked over fifty miles in a month, but haven't walked in two weeks, except at a cross country meet and laps to and from the copy machine. I need to focus on what is important. I tend to get caught up in the details, and it can be overwhelming. 

I am looking forward to a good year. I got some of the kids I really wanted for homeroom, and a few more are in my second reading class. It will be a challenging year, but change is good! Right???

Enjoy the last unofficial day of summer, and a great year.



    Good Luck this year!

  2. How interesting that you have had 90 degree weather in Michigan, while here in Alabama we have had 70-80 degrees all summer?? What is going on? Normally it is 105 at this time! Have a great year- let your challenges be learning opportunities and vent about it right here on your blog. Only another teacher can truly understand, right?!


  3. Summer has finally arrived here too! I am just thankful our school is fairly new with AC. I love walking and walk most nights with my family. I will miss it when it gets way too cold and windy to go! Enjoy it!

    Good luck this school year!

    Reading Toward the Stars


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