Monday, July 28, 2014

MMI - July 28

 I cannot believe I actually got around to having things to share on Tara's Linky. I made a few things I need for  my room.

 I made new schedule cards. Don't you just love Melonheadz clipart? I just have to add the time and/or days when I get my official schedule in August.

The snake is for our Zookeepers that care for our animals in our life lab. 

My second project took frames I bought at Michael's from graduation party displays to classroom displays. I used fluorescent paper from a pack I bought at Target early in the spring.

My next project was labels for my book bins. I still need to print the rest of the numbers, but I have a Make-it Take-it workshop on Wednesday. I get to use their ink and lamination for free. I am going to take advantage of that. These should look great on my new neon bins I got from Really Good Stuff. I got them with a grant from Adopt-a-Classroom.  I also purchased a few of the neon ones from Big Lots because I know my class size will be somewhere between twenty-five and thirty. Figure it doesn't hurt to have extra even if they don't match.

My last two MMI projects were my herb garden and a salad. I had an old tub that was peeling and rusty. I used the last of a can of black paint from last year's MMI projects. The best part about the herb garden is being able to have fresh herbs in my cooking. My favorite? Fresh basil that I used in a tomato and mozzarella salad. Yummy! It is for dinner tonight.

What will you make to share today?

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  1. I looke at my Big Lots for those bins in black but couldn't find them! =( But yours are super cute!

    Ginger Snaps


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