Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

I don't like the typical classroom parties. Over the years I have had too many students that didn't need any extra sugar, or others that had issues with food additives. When we departmentalized, our schedule made it even more difficult to work a party into the day.

What do I do instead?

I host a Friendship Luncheon. The students choose the name of a secret pal. The friend gives them suggestions on what to send in a sack lunch. This is similar to what they would normally pack in their own lunch. For the Secret Pal selection, we have boys choose boys, and girls choose girls. I usually add my name to the mix and choose a name as well.  After selecting a name, and learning what to put in the lunch, the students get creative. They design a container for the lunch, often taking into consideration the interests of their pal. We have had paper mache basketballs, a monkey, a dog, a football stadium, and so many other beautifully decorated containers. The "boxes" are entered into a contest with prizes being awarded for the most unique, best match, or most beautiful. 

In the years I have hosted the lunch, only two children didn't remember their lunch. I always make sure I have some extras in case there is someone disappointed in their lunch, but am always amazed at the sharing that takes place. We eat lunch in the classroom, sitting on the carpet, benches, or at the table. It makes for a more relaxed atmosphere than what they get in the cafeteria.

My past lunch containers have gone on to provided beautiful sturdy containers that have gone on to become my treat boxes. 

We do some fun valentine activities. This year this includes our Valentine Boggle Game and some craft activities for buddies. 

What are you doing for your Valentine's Day celebration?


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