Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Complaints Here

In my previous blog, I wrote about my plans for Valentine's Day. The plan came off with just a slight snag. One student didn't bring the lunch he was supposed to bring. We quickly grabbed a slice of pizza from the cafeteria. I supplied an extra can of pop and an apple, and all was well. 

While catching up on blogs last night and today, I noticed a recurring sentiment. "Thank goodness the day and party were over." This was the same thing I heard in the lounge today and from my teammates. When the p made announcements today, mentioning how we had survived, my friends looked at me confused. One friend raised her hand and innocently asked what was so bad about yesterday. 

My friends joined in telling about all they loved about yesterday. They enjoyed eating in the room, being free to sit with friends, being able to talk and laugh, liking their lunch, and so forth. The best comment came from my most challenging student, "What I liked best, was knowing that someone want to give me a lunch and box they created just for me, not because they had to." 

Said child has REALLY challenged me mentally and emotionally this year. I have lost sleep coming up with ways to keep her behavior under control. She has had one struggle after another, but has won a place in my heart forever. I see her as one of my successes. She made lunch for another challenged child. The same child she bullied last year and the first half of this year. The recipient got a special chocolate purchased just for her, because her pal knew she would share it with the little brother. It was a reminder to me about what the day was supposed to be all about. I would have to say the school day was the best days I had with my kids this year.

I hope you found a bright spot in your day!


  1. Hello there Marcia. I'm a new follower.

    I adore this Luncheon! What a special way to get the kiddies thinking of others. I would have melted seeing it.

    And because I puffy heart it so very much, I am awarding you the Leibster award. Please come by my blog to grab your award xx

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

  2. I absolutely love your luncheon idea. Students get too much sugar on this day. What a great way to teach your students to be thoughtful and it had such an impact on one of your challenging students. This reminds me of the book, The Tipping Point, by Malcom Gladwell. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can completely change the course of direction for the future. I hope this luncheon is a positive tipping point for this student. :)



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